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Elite Berkeley Students Upset They're in the 1%, Throw Occupy Tantrum

Even though the protest was purported to be a spur-of-the-moment thing, somehow all the unions found out about it instantaneously and were represented in the crowd. Here we see the longshoremen's union...

...the nurses' union...

..and even the United Auto Workers, though the 18-year-old bleached-blonde girl holding the sign looked like she had never even been within 300 miles of an actual car factory.

I'll start defending it once you finally get a passing grade in "Holding Your Sign Right-Side Up 101."

"Generation 99%. Occupy Our Future." This is what I'm worried about.

After the General Assembly, the police allowed a few kids to have a playtime camp-out in the tents, but kicked them out Thursday morning:

Occupy Cal protesters were rousted this morning by a single campus police officer who asked them to leave Sproul Plaza, site of a confrontation Wednesday evening in which police shoved clubs into protesters' abdomens to try to get them to move and 32 people were arrested.

The group of a dozen students and activists did as they were told, taking down their tents and rolling up their sleeping bags. They said they would return in greater numbers at 6 p.m. for a general assembly to discuss the protest and Wednesday's police response.

One tent remained on the steps of Sproul Hall until 10:30 a.m., when police moved in and took it down. By then, the roughly 60 demonstrators who had arrived were chanting "shame on you" as police dragged away the tent.

Some professors and graduate-student instructors held classes on the lawn near the stairs so students could discuss the Occupy movement.

...And I'm sure the story will continue with more predictable, pointless and ultimately futile pretend-protesting for many days to come.