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US Military 1 — Occupy Movement 0

This prominently displayed sign reminded all the white protesters that they were not only occupying Wall Street — they were occupying all of North America, and not in a good way. If the occupiers believed their own verbiage and weren't risible hypocrites, they'd all either pack up and head back to Europe, or commit mass suicide. But strangely, I don't see that happening. Guess they opted for "risible hypocrites."

This not-quite naked picture of young manhood was completely unconcerned about his status as the bad kind of occupier.

All in all, I'd say the day's "Occupy SF" protest had around 150 people. (I took this picture showing the entire protest, then counted heads, including passersby, just to be generous.)

And then I walked one mile up the Embarcadero to the Blue Angels show at Fleet Week...

Dear oh dear oh dear. Oceans of people as far as they eye could see blanketed the entire northern shoreline of San Francisco, lining walkways and rooftops, squeezing into every nook and cranny to soak up everything the US military had to offer.

People posed for souvenir snapshots with service members...

..and shopped for hardcore militaria.

I couldn't find any published crowd estimates for Fleet Week this year, but last year over a million people showed up, just as they had in previous years, and if anything this year seemed even more crowded! So let's just round it down to a million and look at the scoreboard for the day:

US Military: 1,000,000

Occupy SF: 150

Nice try, guys, but you came up a bit short. Better luck next year!

(On the next page, we'll watch the Blue Angels zoom into town.)