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How a Teachers' Rally Made Me Anti-Education

Yet how can this wresting of control be achieved? The answer is right in front of us: The only way to break the stranglehold that leftists have on public schools is not to get rid of the leftists (which is impossible) but to get rid of the public schools. And how can we get rid of them? By making them so terrible that no parents in their right minds would allow their children to attend. And how can we accelerate the decline of public schools (beyond the atrocious decline already caused by the progressive masters)? By letting their funding dry up. Simple.

Progressivism in a nutshell. [SF]

But What About the Children?

By now you may be thinking that I've gone completely insane. If we let public education collapse, then what will happen to the children of America, and by extension to our nation's future? We can't let public schools disappear without something to replace them.

No, I haven't gone insane. (At least my secret friend Harvey the Rabbit tells me I haven't.) I'm just voicing publicly what I think a majority of Americans are secretly thinking but unwilling to admit. And I'm placing my faith in Adam Smith's Invisible Hand: that by creating a vacuum in the educational marketplace, new competitive solutions will organically emerge to take advantage of this unfilled need. The worse public schools get, the more parents will take their kids of out those schools and instead place them in charter schools, private schools, etc. etc., and the greater demand for non-mass-public schooling will ensure that educational entrepreneurs will rush in to capitalize on the demand, and create the best schools possible to attract and retain customers.

This is what they call "bad optics" in political strategy sessions. [LA]

Will it mean chaos for a generation of students? An unstable and ever-shifting educational landscape? Maybe. And I wish that wasn't so. But I see no other viable alternative.

Do I wish there was another, more palatable solution? Sure. But these leftist teachers like the ones you see on this page leave me no option: They're not going to change their political stripes, and they're not going to voluntarily relinquish control of our public schools or our children's minds. So as I said at the beginning of this essay:

We have to destroy education in order to save it.

And after everything has collapsed and been rebuilt, maybe then we could re-create public education from scratch, free from politics and indoctrination. But until then I will have to reluctantly assume the role of the villain in the school funding debate. It's for the children!

[Hungry for more pictures? keep scrolling down for the rest of the photos and captions. And to see dozens more photos from the Los Angeles rally, view Ringo's full report here.]

But tell us how you REALLY feel. [LA]

Added to my shopping list. Thanks for the tip! [LA]

Students in one class were encouraged to draw pictures of themselves in radical poses. [SF]

Did the parents fill out permission slips for this? And if they did, did they know what they were signing their kids up for? [SF]

Why am I not surprised kids need school psychologists these days? [LA]

"Where are my teachers? Where are my counselors? WHERE IS MY PSYCHOLOGIST?????" [LA]

The hive. [LA]

"Yes my child, you have learned well." [SF]



Impeccable logic. I'm so glad schools now teach "critical thinking" to students these days. [SF]

Richard Becker of ANSWER was handing out signs at the entrance to the rally. Except it was kind of a stormy day, and a strong gust came up, so... [SF]

...The ANSWER, my friend, was blowing in the wind. [SF]

Another class arrives; they were streaming in all afternoon. [SF]

Give a kid a microphone and permission to say anti-authoritarian slogans, and you will never hear the end of him. [SF]

Meanwhile, Che lurks. [SF]

One of the communist booths at the L.A. rally. [LA]

We already have a word for "education needer": it's called "student." Why the insistence on coming up with a manipulative euphemism for every freakin' word in the language? [LA]

Notice the advocacy for Lysenkoism at the end of the rant. Do these people not learn anything from history? [LA]


FSLN = Marxist-Leninist party of Nicaragua. [SF]



Repealing Proposition 13 (the original taxpayers' revolt) is the ultimate dream of California leftists. And if they got their wish (not likely) and it really was repealed, the state's entire economy would completely collapse in about six months. But maybe that's the point? [SF]



Child? Check. Socialist sign? Check. Approving and/or unconcerned adults? Check. Yes, this must be San Francisco. [SF]