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Why the Hypocrisy Defense is political suicide for liberalism

Now, I'm not here to defend hypocrisy -- I hate it as much as the next person. I'm only here to point out that in order to lay claim to their "but at least we're not hypocrites" defense, liberals must necessarily paint themselves into an impossible corner, defining themselves as the ideology of amorality.

Remember, that's not my characterization of liberalism -- that's liberals' own characterization of themselves when they use this argument.

Does that mean that the "fallen conservative" is inherently more appealing or "superior" in some way to the "honestly amoral liberal"? No. It actually comes down to each voter's preference.

Consider these two statements from two different potential husbands:

"I know I promised to stop drinking forever, honey, but I fell off the wagon again; please forgive me, and I'll really really try to stay sober from now on, but no guarantees."


"I'm a tertiary alcoholic, a stone-cold drunk; always have been, always will be. You're not likely to ever see me sober. Take it or leave it."

If you had to choose, which would you marry?

Obviously, neither is very appealing, but the liberal stance is that the second potential husband is preferable, because at least he's honest. The conservative stance is: The first potential husband is preferable, because at least he's trying.

Within the parameters of this "Hypocrisy Defense"...Which do you think the general public prefers: An ideology that at least tries to champion a moral code, but whose adherents sometimes fail to live up to it; or an ideology that by its own definition is inherently immoral and whose adherents don't even have a moral code to violate?

The liberals are taking a HUGE gamble that a majority of Americans will throw in their lot with the party of immorality. But I have the feeling they've lost that bet -- not just in Weinergate, but at a deep structural level in society for a long time to come.