Crashing the Crashers: Tea Party Infiltrators Outmaneuvered in S.F.

His crashing attempt lasted about 30 seconds before the Tea Partiers were all over him. "Imposter" was a good way to identify him.

Soon he earned a dreaded pink Infiltrator sign.

Then two signs....

...And before long there was a Crasher Convergence when Anarcho-Girl and Mr. Upside-Down ended up near each other, resulting in a barrage of identifiers which no photographer could claim to miss.

Soon enough he and his entourage gave up even trying to pose as Tea Partiers, and one of his fellow crashers unveiled a rainbow-flagged Gavin Newsom campaign sign.

After a while, one of the event organizers got into an honest conversation with the guy, who conceded that he was "leaning toward socialism" politically (his words). When the real Tea Party guy asked what had motivated him to become a crasher, Mr. Upside-down said that media images of offensive signs -- such as the Hitler-mustached Obama over there (pointing) -- had incensed him so much that he thought he should confront the hatred. The Tea Partier then said -- Are you kidding? Those people aren't with us! That's the Lyndon LaRouche group -- they have nothing in common with the Tea Party. We tried to ban them, but we can't prevent anyone who wants to from showing up at a public event.

Sure enough, nearby was a LaRouche table with their trademark Obama-Hitler posters. Needless to say, Mr. Upside-Down only sees the mainstream media, otherwise he would have known that the LaRouchites show up at left-wing rallies more often than at right-wing rallies. I'm pretty sure both sides just wish Lyndon's acolytes would go away and never reappear. But the media (and various politicians) ensure that only the Tea Partiers get tarred with the LaRouchite brush.

Luckily, unlike at the left-wing rally I attended a couple weeks ago, this time around the event organizers made sure that everyone knew: THESE GUYS ARE INFILTRATORS.

(Photo courtesy of John at The City Square.)

Next up in our game of Crasher Whack-a-Mole were these two guys, whose pet political cause was ensuring that Obamacare paid for free marijuana for those with pot prescriptions in Medical Marijuana states. Before entering the rally, they paused to try to convert some cops to their side, to no avail.

One proudly showed off his sign. Once again, the crashers failed to understand the whole point of proper crashing, which is to assume the identity of the people you are opposing, in order to discredit them by association with your misbehavior. What you see here is not the way to go about it.

Once in the rally itself, for some reason they picked on the Ayn Rand Objectivists, and starting barking at them about marijuana. The Objectivists looked a little confused at the bizarre verbal assult.

The Crasher Defense Team had already become pros by this stage. In a flash, out came the pink "INFILTRATOR →" signs. Also, if you look closely, you can see my favorite anti-crasher sign: "We're NOT With Stupid →".

None of this dissuaded the determined potheads, who continued their strange marijuana/Ayn-Rand argument unabated.

But not every infiltrator got identified. Remember that guy I pointed out on the rally's edge with an "End the Federal Reserve" sign? Turns out he was an "InfoWars" Alex Jones cultist, one of those fringe-y types who dabble in paleo-conservative conspiracy theories. I spotted a few other InfoWars members at the rally, most sporting anti-Federal Reserve signs. Perhaps at this particular rally they had toned down their sometimes kooky message so much that they weren't worth "outing." Or maybe no one noticed. Or cared.

And to be honest, sprinkled here and there throughout the rally were people who might have been infiltrators -- or might not. This guy was a good example. Was he a bitter clinger? Or was he just making fun of bitter clingers? We may never know.

Later in the afternoon, the tables briefly turned when a pod of fellow black-clad anarchists showed up to support Miss Whargarblwhargarblgarbl. They surrounded one of the Crasher Identifiers, but everyone seemed to be smiling, so if it was an attempt to intimidate, it seems to have not been very successful.

However, there was someone at the rally who was not a crasher, and yet did have an offensive violence-tinged message. In other words -- he was exactly the kind of person the media loves to focus on, a Tea Partier with a violent message.

The only problem is...

...he wasn't a Tea Partier! He was, in fact, a sly anarchist standing impassively in the crowd without drawing any attention to himself. He was wearing an IWW shirt (IWW = the Wobblies, a far-left radical group with a long history). Only those (such as myself) familiar with anarchist iconography would have noticed the significance of the design on his shirt.

Here's his IWW shirt close up. Notice the black cat in the center. It originally was the secret symbol used by revolutionary Wobblies to advocate sabotage in factories. Since no modern anarchist trustafarians work in factories any more, they've adopted the black cat sabotage symbol as a general call for sabotage against modern society.

So -- after all is said and done, the only person with a violent message at the San Francisco Tea Party was...a left-wing anarchist.

Go figure.

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