Life Imitates Satire: New Gallup Stats Show Real AGW Skepticism Hockey Stick

So, I decided to sprinkle a little Gore Dust on Gallup's chart, and "stretch" the range along the up-and-down y-axis, to visually emphasize the trend more noticeably. And here is the result: The chart shown below has the exact same (real) data as in the Gallup chart, and is just as accurate and valid as Gallup's original version -- but rendered in a proper "hockey stick" style:

Now, compare that to my satirical chart made two weeks ago, long before Gallup's real chart was released:

(View the full-size graph by clicking HERE or on the small version shown below:)

Whoa! Does life imitate satire, or what?

And now I'm applying for a grant to find out if the rise in hockey-stick AGW skepticism graphs precedes (and thus causes) the rise in actual skepticism, or are a result of a pre-existing skepticism surge.

More research is needed!