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Chantal downgraded to a tropical nothingburger; could she regenerate?

Okay, so “nothingburger” isn’t the technical meteorological term. But Tropical Storm Chantal was downgraded, at 5:00 PM Eastern Time Wednesday, to a mere tropical wave — a disorganized mass of thunderstorms with no closed circulation. There will be no further advisories by the National Hurricane Center unless the storm makes a comeback. Over on Tropical Tidbits, weatherblogger Levi Cowan has a helpful video summary of what happened:

Here’s what Chantal’s remnants look like as of the wee hours Thursday morning:


Could redevelopment occur once Chantal’s remnants get a bit further west, and counter a more favorable environment? Perhaps. Joe Bastardi thinks so:

And so does the Canadian computer model:

But for now, that’s fairly speculative. We’ll just have to watch and wait.

This will be my last Weather Nerd update on Chantal unless conditions dictate otherwise — e.g., if restrengthening occurs or begins to look likely. Please follow me on Twitter (@brendanloy) for any updates in the meantime.