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"Big Potential; Big Uncertainty" as Sandy Strengthens, Hits Cuba

Hurricane Sandy’s barometric pressure dropped a whopping 32 millibars in 21 hours Wednesday, reaching as low as 954 mb and increasing the winds to 110 mph — high-end Category 2 — by landfall in Cuba. Here’s what the storm looked like just before landfall, and what it looks like now:



There’s a lot to say about Sandy’s future, but unfortunately, I literally fell asleep on my couch while trying to compose a blog update on it! So stay tuned — more tomorrow (er, later today). But for starters, go read what fellow weatherblogger (and author) Mike Smith, from whom I took and quoted the “Big Potential; Big Uncertainty” language, had to say on his blog. See also Dr. Jeff Masters and Dr. Bryan Norcross.

Again, more later.