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New Orleans In Peril, Again?

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The GOP convention has essentially cancelled its Monday session. I stand by my prediction that Tuesday will ultimately be cancelled too.

But the RNC may be the least of our worries, if the latest GFS model run is accurate. I’ll wait to see the 00z models before getting all hair-on-fire, get-the-hell-out about this, a la 2005, but…


Repeat after me: Just one model, just one run. Just one model, just one run. Deep breaths. Just one model, just one run. But with just over 72 hours until the night when a reliable computer model is calling for a 125 mph Category 3 hurricane to directly hit New Orleans from the southeast, then stall out northwest of the city and dump copious rains… it may be time to dust off & review those evacuation plans, lest they be needed tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. It takes time to evacuate New Orleans, if an evacuation is needed. Decisions need to be made soon.

(Nagin’s not the mayor anymore, right?)

These are my off-the-cuff thoughts. More later tonight after my kids are in bed.