Weather Nerd

Quiet in the tropics

Dr. Jeff Masters wrote on Saturday:

The tropical Atlantic remains quiet today. There are no threat areas to discuss, and none of our reliable models are calling for tropical storm formation over the next seven days. The next area to watch is the Western and Southern Caribbean beginning on Wednesday, when a cold front will stall out over the area and potentially act as a nucleus around which a tropical storm could form. This should give time for flooding to subside in Honduras, where 29 are dead and 14 missing due to recent rains.

Although that post was written two days ago, there’s nothing new to report. The tropics remain very quiet, even moreso than you’d expect for this time of year (though the season is winding down, climatologically). That’s partly due to the premature winter pattern, which I’ve mentioned several times before, and which Alan Sullivan refers to today as Christmas at Halloween.