Weather Nerd

Quick midday update on Fay

Just a few bullet points:

• The Miami Herald has storm reports, lots of ’em.

• Live streaming video from local TV station CBS 4.

• The infrared satellite loop shows new convection (i.e., thunderstorms) near, and just north of, Fay’s center of circulation. Another sign of gradual strengthening.

• The long-range and short-range radar loops clearly show the center now.

• The Doppler rainfall total estimate shows lots and lots of rain falling over the Florida Straits. Soon, that rain will be over Florida. 4-8 inches are forecast, with isolated areas of 15+ inches.

• Speaking of rain, AccuWeather’s Jesse Ferrell looks at Fay’s possible positive impact on the Deep South drought. On this front, hope for a due north track after landfall, not northeast and back over water.

• Former NHC director Max Mayfield ponders lessons from Irene.

• Last but not least, the National Hurricane Center website is having server problems. Oops!