Weather Nerd

Erratic Edouard

The 8:00 PM EDT advisory says Tropical Storm Edouard is “moving erratically westward.” It almost looks on radar like it’s moving erratically northward, toward central Louisiana (!), but that’s probably just a wobble. In any case, Edouard’s winds still haven’t increased yet, though that’s expected to happen overnight.

Rather than staying up until the 11:00 PM EDT advisory and posting a late update, I think I’m going to retire early and then wake up around 5:00 AM tomorrow, so I can do an early-morning update. By then, there will be less speculation and more facts.

In the mean time, check the National Hurricane Center for the latest, as well as the Houston Chronicle‘s Eric Berger. Also, you can track the storm on long-range radar loops here and here, and on a satellite loop here.

P.S. The bigger weather story of the evening may be what’s happening in Chicago, where a truly ferocious line of thunderstorms is slamming into the city as we speak. Tornado warnings are up. Yikes!