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Tracking Sandy's Landfall: Your One-Stop Shop


These are mostly courtesy NOAA Tides and Currents. By way of explanation/reminder:

• The blue line is the expected, "normal" water level, as the tides come in and out. Basically, it's what the tides would be without Isaac.

• The red line is the actual observed water level. When you see the red line not declining, or only declining slightly, while the blue line is going way down, that's bad news. It means the storm surge is preventing the tide from going out, so the next high tide will likely be much higher (assuming the surge is still present when the tide comes in).

• The green line is the "residual" level, i.e., the difference between the red and blue lines. Basically, the green line is the storm surge. So, for instance, if the red line is declining as the tide goes out, but not as much as it "should" be declining (as in the scenario just discussed), that will cause the green line to go up.

Duck, NC

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, VA

Windmill Point, VA (in Chesapeake Bay)

Wachapreague, VA

Ocean City, MD

Lewes, DE (south side, mouth of Delaware Bay)

Brandywine Shoal Light, DE (middle of Delaware Bay)

Cape May, NJ (north side, mouth of Delaware Bay)

Atlantic City, NJ

Sandy Hook, NJ (mouth of New York Harbor)

Another View of Sandy Hook, NJ:

Bergen Point, NY (north shore of Staten Island)

The Battery, NY (Lower Manhattan)

[NOTE: If the above graphic isn't working, try this view of The Battery data.]

Yet another view of The Battery, NY:

Kings Point, NY (north shore of western Long Island)

Another view of Kings Point, NY:

Hudson River below Poughkeepsie, NY

Hudson River at Albany NY

Inwood, NY (south shore of Long Island)

Freeport, NY (south shore of Long Island)

Lindenhurst, NY (south shore of Long Island)

Bridgeport, CT (on Long Island Sound)

New Haven, CT (on Long Island Sound)

New London, CT (on Long Island Sound)

Montauk, NY (north side, facing Long Island Sound)

Newport, RI

Woods Hole, MA

Additional tidal gauges in Delaware Bay / Delaware River:

Ship John Shoal, NJ

Reedy Point, DE

Delaware City, DE

Marcus Hook, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, NJ

Burlington, NJ

Newbold, PA