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Hurricane Sandy's Track Speeding Up; Today is the Day to Prepare

Amy Sweezey's "Wx Tweeps" Twitter list. During big storms, I switch my phone's Twitter app from following my regular Timeline to following that list, and I get all the information I could possibly need. The list is that good. It includes pretty much every major weather account you need to follow (though, alas, not my account!).

The Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang, which has been invaluable throughout Sandy and has good information for the whole region, with a particular focus on the Beltway area.

Eric Holthaus's @WSJweather Twitter account, with a lot of information about the NYC threat (a rare example of a must-follow account not on Sweezey's list).

Mike Smith's Meteorological Musings

TWC Hurricane Specialist Bryan Norcross's Blog

Weather Underground Founder Dr. Jeff Masters's Blog

AccuWeather Weather Blogs

Connecticut meteorologist Geoff Fox's blog

• And, of course, last but not least, the National Hurricane Center, for the latest official information on Sandy.

Like I said, I'll keep updating my Twitter account periodically throughout the day, and will try to update this blog in the event of any major developments. Otherwise, I'll be back with another update later tonight... probably after the Notre Dame-Oklahoma game. (It's a big football day in the Loy family. Boise-Wyoming in person, then ND-OU on radio/TV.)

I'll leave you with my oldest daughter's Hurricane Sandy tracking chart as of last night:



As one of my friends on Twitter said, "It’s like a baseball nerd teaching their kid how to keep score during a game." Heh. Yup. Weather Nerd in training!