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It’s probably a daily occurrence that you turn on the TV news or read a report in the New York Times and want to shout, “This is not the world I know!

The job of the mainstream media is to show you a dark mirror universe where Trump is Literally Hitler, the Chinese Communist Party is a shining example of openness and effectiveness, and that Creepy Joe Biden is an exemplar of decency and clear thinking.

Our job at PJ Media is to shatter that mirror and we’ve been at it since 2005, at first a blogger consortium arisen from the ashes of CBS News and Dan Rather’s reputation. With your support, since then we’ve grown to become one of the widest-read conservative websites.

With regular feature writers like Stephen Kruiser, Matt Margolis, Tyler O’Neil, Megan Fox, Rick Moran, Jim Treacher, Victoria Taft, and Bryan Preston, PJ Media disrupts the mainstream media narrative with facts and clear thinking, many times each day. Other frequent contributors include Richard Fernandez — who I always say is the smartest man in the world, and second place isn’t close — Ed Driscoll, David P. “Spengler” Goldman, Victor Davis Hanson, Claudia Rosett, and more.

It’s a great team, covering everything from the hottest headline news stories, to religious and cultural items, to the kind of in-depth historical analysis of modern events that the mainstream media is too shallow to bother with.

As we continue our explosive growth, we’re expanding our selection of VIP, member-supported articles and columns you won’t find anywhere in the traditional media. My latest VIP column dares to ask, “Communist China and the Democrats: How Close Are They?” You’ll also enjoy and learn from VIP content like Tyler’s “Why Is the Left Trying to Shut Down What Remains of the Economy During This Crisis?” and Victoria’s “AG Barr Warns of ‘Slippery Slope’ Away from Civil Liberties After ‘Draconian’ COVID-19 Measures.”

Best of all, member-supported content means writing about the issues you care about most, without being held hostage to the whims of Big Tech’s left-leaning search and advertising algorithms.

VIP Gold members even get access to exclusive video chats, like my weekly get together with Kruiser for discussions about current events, classic comedy, and — at least as long as the coronavirus lockdown is in effect — day drinking. We also take questions from viewers like you in an Ask Me Anything format. If you do choose a VIP Gold membership, that means membership across all six Townhall websites: PJ Media, Hot Air, RedState, Bearing Arms, Twitchy, and of course Townhall itself.

So it’s good to be a VIP, but from our end, it’s even better to have the chance to create exclusive content for our most devoted supporters.

PJ Media’s mission from Day One has been to bust the progressive narrative, to fact-check the fact-checkers, and bring some much-needed humility to a press that looks down on millions of Americans with views just like yours. Becoming a VIP means supporting that conservative mission in the most effective way possible.

That’s why I’m asking you to support our mission. For a limited time, get 25% off VIP plans using the promo code WUHAN.

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