28 Texas Spring Breakers Return from Mexico with COVID-19

(Image by quanghieu_st1 from Pixabay.)

I’m old enough to remember when the worst thing you might bring home from spring break was a sunburn and maybe gonorrhea, but how would you enjoy a touch of potentially deadly pandemic when you get back?

The Daily Mail reports that “28 University of Texas students from the same spring break trip to Cabo San Lucas” have tested positive for the virus and that “dozens more are under public health investigation.” The 28 were from a chartered travel group of 70 revelers, which means that nearly half of that group — that we know of so far — caught the disease. Some of the infected students were not symptomatic.

The rest of the group is being tested, but since they returned to Austin on various flights, they came into close contact with Lord Only Knows how many more people.

The good news is, COVID-19 doesn’t kill many young people. The bad news is, those dumb young’uns will add additional strain to our already overloaded medical system. The worse news is, those young people have older parents and grandparents.

When some 19-year-old tried to buy a case of Corona with his fake ID, I doubt this is what he had in mind.

Samuel L. Jackson has a message our young people can hopefully comprehend.

In a similar vein, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen (R) told college students during a radio interview to “Quit being an a–.” He said, “Get over yourselves. Whether you think this is an issue or not, it is. Whether you think it could affect you or not, it does. The reality of it is, if I’m a college kid who’s going to spring break in Mexico, you’re affecting a lot of people. Grow up.”

Wise words.

In the U.S., the epicenter of the Chinese coronavirus from Wuhan, a city in China ruled by Chinese Communists where the Chinese-sourced Sino-virus came from, remains in New York City. Out of a recorded 4,127 COVID-19 related deaths nationwide as of today, 1,096 of those were in the Big Apple. In the strangest coronavirus news I’ve seen today, Carnival Cruise Lines says it still has 6,000 passengers trapped on various ships, and that some of them might not be allowed off until late April. I’m guessing the Lido Deck remains off-limits.

The smartest guy in the room seems to be Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) who National Review reports “sent a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar encouraging the Trump administration to consider banning travel between China and the United States” the day before Beijing began its quarantine of Wuhan. That was on January 22, when Washington was still focused almost entirely on President Trump’s shampeachment trial in the Senate.

But this is how a crisis usually plays out, isn’t it? There was a lonely voice or two warning about it beforehand, but few listened. When the crisis does come, the administration is accused of underreacting at first and overreacting later, except when it’s the other way around — and always with the benefit of hindsight. And young people continue to act like young people, often all-too-unappreciative of the consequences of their actions.

Meanwhile, the rest of America does what America does best: Rise to the challenge.

What are you doing to help? And, yes, social distancing and monitoring your family’s health both count.

They count a lot.