Communism Kills: UK Believes China Might Have 40 Times More COVID-19 Cases Than They Admit

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he speaks to supporters during a visit to meet newly elected Conservative party lawmakers at Sedgefield Cricket Club in County Durham, north east England on Saturday Dec. 14, 2019, following his Conservative party's general election victory. Johnson called on Britons to put years of bitter divisions over the country's EU membership behind them as he vowed to use his resounding election victory to finally deliver Brexit. (Lindsey Parnaby / Pool via AP)

The UK prime minister is reportedly furious with Beijing for covering up the true size of the coronavirus pandemic in China. The Daily Mail reported on Sunday that “senior Downing Street officials said the Communist state now faces a ‘reckoning’ over its handling of the outbreak and risks becoming a ‘pariah state.'” An unnamed senior government official told the DM, “The only priority now is to deal with the crisis, but everybody knows that there has to be a reckoning when all this is over.” The paper claims that “Johnson has been warned by scientific advisers that China’s officially declared statistics on the number of cases of coronavirus could be ‘downplayed by a factor of 15 to 40 times.”

Beijing claims to have all but beaten the pandemic locally, with very few new cases in the last month and the number of infected topping out at around 82,000.

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The Chinese Communist government also admits to 3,308 deaths as a result of the COVID-19 infection with the vast majority of victims now recovered.

But if the British government is correct, the actual number of infected in China is somewhere between 1.23 million and 3.28 million. Extrapolating from Beijing’s official figures, the number of deaths could be as high as 132,000 Chinese.

Even the low-end figures from Britain’s suspicions indicate that Beijing isn’t even close to having a handle on the situation, despite assurances from Beijing. Finance expert and researcher Inan Dogan estimated at the end of February that China “had between 600,000 – 1,500,000 infected people since the beginning of this year.” That estimate is in line with Downing Street’s worries.

The Western media for its part has been playing along with Beijing’s official story, showing very little skepticism where very much is warranted. Currently, various outlets are hyping the “fact” that the U.S. just surpassed China in the number of those infected, but to believe that you’d have to believe Beijing’s cruddy numbers. Or at least, you’d have to be a newspaper willing to peddle Beijing’s cruddy numbers as the real McCoy.

In effect then, the Trump administration is fighting on three fronts. There’s the very real battle against the Chinese coronavirus from Wuhan, a city in China ruled by Chinese Communists where the Chinese-sourced Sino-virus came from. Then there’s the fight against Beijing’s propaganda machine. And while it shouldn’t have to be this way, there’s also the battle with the American media, which is happy to push the Communist Party line so long as it might hurt the Bad Orange Man.