Communist Quality Control: Beijing Sends 150,000 Wuhan Virus Testing Kits to Prague, 80% Fail

(Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay.)

The Communist thugs in charge of China have been trying to have it two ways on coronavirus: Playing the aggrieved victim of racism/biological-warfare/whatever, and acting like the international bigshot who, having solved the crisis at home, is now eager to help other nations around the world.

Beijing’s antics are making everything worse everywhere, this time in the Czech Republic.

The Czech newspaper Irozhlas (I-Radio) reports that the bigshots in Beijing sent 150,000 coronavirus rapid testing kits to Czechia which return false results up to 80% of the time.

Forgive the rough Google Translate results, but I don’t speak Czech:

“We checked them on Saturday at the University Hospital Ostrava, but unfortunately the error rate was quite high, so now we are waiting for the results of further testing across the country, they have never been tested positively because it works with antibodies,” said Svrčinová.

She added that the tests showed false positive and false negative results. “We tested those who searched for a sampling site. Fortunately, we were so far-sighted that samples were immediately taken for the classic examination and that just proved the error rate of the tests,” said Svrčinová. Even if tests are used in end-of-quarantine patients, hygienists will want to check their reliability first.

Jan Hamacek, the Czech Republic’s deputy prime minister and interior minister said, “I don’t think it’s a scandalous revelation that it’s not working,” but it’s difficult to see how he reached that conclusion, given the huge failure rate and that the bad tests return both false positive and false negatives.

Or as RedState’s Kira Davis wrote last week, “When this is all over we are f***ing done with China.

Seriously, no more messing around. No more cozying up to Chinese investors (I’m looking at you, Obama). No more handing over vital technology and information to the Chinese government (I’m looking at you, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton). No more back-end deals with Chinese security firms and tech providers (I’m looking at you, Joe Biden). No more Hollywood films made to please the Chinese investors (I’m looking at you, Matt Damon).

We let ourselves be lulled buy cheap goods and fancy smartphones. We are not to blame…who doesn’t want to pay less for more? However, we have all been a part of the equation in some way. We have looked the other way as China has been slowly encroaching on the markets and governments of the free West. We let ourselves believe that they could find their way to some kind of hybrid capitalism-communism miracle that would eventually infect their culture and turn them more toward the capitalist side.

But as it turned out, Communists are still more invested in propaganda than in the lives of their people, and China’s Communists in particular are more interested in turning a quick buck than in producing quality goods.

‘Tis a pity. China could have been a great nation. But under the post-Deng Communist Party, China is a typical Third World s***hole country with a First World manufacturing base tacked on.