SHOCKER: 'Squad' Member Ilhan Omar Endorses Trump Moves Against Wuhan Virus

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., participates in a panel during a campaign event for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Friday, Jan. 31, 2020, in Clive, Iowa. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Maybe these really are the End Times.

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” bitter ex-Republican NeverTrumper Joe Scarborough praised President Donald Trump for “a new beginning” in fighting the Chinese coronavirus from Wuhan, a city in China where the Chinese-sourced virus came from. Scarborough urging Americans to work with Trump came on the heels of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo saying everything he could to associate himself with the Trump administration’s efforts. At a press conference, Cuomo said, “We’re fighting the same war…we’re in the same trench.” He added that Trump is “fully engaged on trying to help New York” and “very creative and energetic.”

There’s even video if you don’t believe me:

The latest to hop on board the Trump Train is… Minnesota Congresscritter Ilhan Omar?


But wait, as the Ronco TV commercial announcer used to say, there’s more.

Last night in a follow-up tweet addressed to sister Congresscritter Ayanna Pressley, Omar added that “unprecedented times require unprecedented leadership and we are seeing that in our country right now.”

As if that weren’t enough, Omar told her 1.9 million (???) Twitter followers, “We should never let politics get in the way of good policy. This is a great start and hope others will be part of a united front to push for good policies.”

It could very well be that Democrats are praising Trump for purely selfish reasons: There’s a lot of money about to come flooding out of Washington, and nobody who’s anybody in Washington is going to miss a trillion-dollar gravy train.

Or maybe that’s just my inner cynic showing through. The fact is, we have an ongoing nationwide crisis, and a virus doesn’t care what anyone’s politics are.

So enjoy this brief moment of unity from the comfort of your sofa while you maintain your social distance by staying home as much as you can. I’m sure by the time we’ve beaten the Chinese coronavirus from Wuhan, a city in China where the Chinese-sourced virus came from — if that long — the Progressive Left will go right back to accusing Trump of kicking puppies and taking your health care away because his puppetmasters in the Kremlin are using the emoluments clause to blackmail Jared Kushner into ruining the climate for white supremacy.

Did I miss anything?