SHOCKER: Grown Men Won't Dress Like Toddlers; Adult Onesie Clothing Firm Goes Bust

(Promotional image courtesy of, if that's the right phrase, RompHim.)

It’s the feel-good story of the new millennium, as the company that tried to get adult men to dress like two-year-old boys is shutting its virtual doors for good.

Normally, watching a startup go out of business is no reason to celebrate. No matter what industry someone goes into, building a viable business from scratch is hard work. It takes brains, devotion, and guts on the part of the entrepreneur — and not a little luck sometimes, too. Then there are all those employees who depend on everything going right to keep earning their paychecks, to keep feeding their families.

But then there are the people who decided it was a great idea to make onesies for grown-ass men.

If I tried really hard, I might be able to squeeze out a tear for the people who came up with this, but I’d probably have to put Tabasco on my contact lenses and pull out a fistful of leg hair while remembering that scene when E.T. died in order to do it.

The company came into being with much fanfare in 2017, if by fanfare you mean mockery. According to their soon-to-be-defunct website, RompHim’s mission was to “break down stereotypes, fashion and otherwise.” They claimed to “embrace the different and celebrate the bold.” And bringing back the leisure suit in early ’90s Day-Glo colors was the way to accomplish all that.

Whatevs. It turns out you can put lipstick on a pig, but people will totally judge you for it. For that matter, so will the pig.

For the folks who thought RompHim was a good idea, it is with a savage pride in my countrymen and women that I say: We sure showed them.