Virginia 2A: Black Guy Waving Trump Flag, 'I Am Governor Ralph Northam and I Am in Blackface Today'

(Image credit: Julio Rosas for Townhall Media)

Julio Rosas from our Townhall mothership is at the Virginia Second Amendment rally today, and just posted what might be the best civil rights video of the 21st century.

An unidentified black man — who I suspect is about to become an internet video sensation — announced to laughs from the crowd, “I am Governor Ralph Northam and I am in blackface today.” Before that, you can hear him instructing the crowd to “Make a hole, I’m using my white privilege. Make a hole, step to the side!”

How do you describe this crowd? Far from threatening violence or anything like that, they’re outdoors, dressed for the weather, laughing and having a good time. You certainly wouldn’t call them unruly, but they certainly aren’t too serious or dour given the importance of today’s event. So if they aren’t unruly… is “ruly” a word?

Let’s agree that today, it is.

Some people with a partisan drum to beat on this day have complained that it’s some kind of sacrilege or something to hold a Second Amendment rally on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s holiday.

Here’s an important reminder from UCLA law prof Adam Winkler:

Most people think King would be the last person to own a gun [who is this ‘we,’ kemosabe? -Steve]. Yet in the mid-1950s, as the civil rights movement heated up, King kept firearms for self-protection. In fact, he even applied for a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

A recipient of constant death threats, King had armed supporters take turns guarding his home and family. He had good reason to fear that the Klan in Alabama was targeting him for assassination.

William Worthy, a journalist who covered the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, reported that once, during a visit to King’s parsonage, he went to sit down on an armchair in the living room and, to his surprise, almost sat on a loaded gun. Glenn Smiley, an adviser to King, described King’s home as “an arsenal.”

The Bill of Rights isn’t a buffet. All of our constitutionally recognized rights apply to all of us, regardless of race, creed, color, or whatever. That’s an important thing to remember when a onetime blackface-wearing gun-grabber tries to take away the rights of people like the one in today’s little Twitter video.