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Democrats and the Power of Delusion

Still, they do like to shout about that popular vote, even though that's not how we elect presidents. So let me explain how our system works, in language simple enough for a California Democrat and brief enough for the attention span of a Millennial.

The voters' popular will is expressed in elections to the House of Representatives. From there, popular will goes to the Senate where the Founders meant for it to die on principle, but today we have to settle for it choking to death on arcane rules. Presiding over this whole mess is the president, who by the genius of the Electoral College represents the broadest possible swath of Americans and our fractious interests.

In other words, California doesn't get to pick the president over the objections of 30 other states.

But I digress.

The second remarkable thing about this story is the Democrats' leadership change, or lack thereof.

Nancy Pelosi still runs the House minority, despite the GOP Congress having a popularity rating detectable only by an electron microscope, and even then only if you squint. Chuck Schumer, age 66 and long Harry Reid's heir apparent, will take the reins of the Senate minority uncontested -- and only because Reid "decided" to retire.

ASIDE: What, you thought Reid got his skull broken in because his Vegas backers were happy with him? Anyway, that's the smart theory until somebody in the mainstream media digs up contrary evidence. And I'm sure they'll get cracking on it any year now. Any year.


True, the Democrats are getting a new chairpersonofgenderandorcolor at the DNC, but only because the last two got hounded out of office for cheating on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Debbie Wasserman Schultz put her thumb on the scale during the primaries, and Donna Brazile helped Clinton cheat so badly in the presidential debates that even CNN had to fire her. CNN!

And of course the Change That You Can Believe In™ at the DNC is going to end up being another one of the Super-Duper Progressives who helped turn the Permanent Democratic Majority into the subject of Entertainment Weekly's next "Where Are They Now?" sidebar.

Most perplexing at all, from the party that once dropped Mike Dukakis down the memory hole and then threw away the hole, is that Hillary Clinton wasn't thrown out like yesterday's bathwater. But soon enough the Clintons will be the Democrats last happy memory, even though they and their coterie haven't thrown a winning national election in 20 years.

Then there's the man most responsible for the Democrats' fast fade into oblivion: Barack Obama. His eight years in office saw the Democrats lose nearly 1,000 elected offices -- including the one where he now walks and quacks like a lame duck. But will he be reviled by the party he did his inadvertent (?) damnedest to destroy?

Of course not. Obama will go on to be the party's elder statesman, dispensing advice and lectures and reminders of "Who we are."

So which is it, Democrats? Do you want to shake up your party, starting with its failed leadership, or do you want to wrap yourselves up in the comforting fiction that California is just like the rest of the nation?

I'll wait here for your answer while I watch Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on all the cable news channels.