Black Forest Fire Voluntary Evacuation Zone Established [UPDATED]

3:48PM: According to Weather Underground, there are at least two fires right at the Highway 83 line. That's the last north-south running firebreak before I-25.

And my home.


3:02PM: According to the latest satellite detection map, at least two fires have been spotted south of Shoup Rd. Now I noticed during the Waldo Canyon Fire that these satellite images aren't 100% reliable. But if this is accurate, there's not another good east-west running firebreak until Woodmen -- which really increases the pucker factor for folks in the Springs.


Let's hope the satellite is wrong.

2:17PM The expanded mandatory evacuation zone is within the city of Colorado Springs. It includes Fox Run Regional Park and parts south outside the city, and the Flying Horse Ranch development inside the city. That's about 1,000 more homes with everyone ordered out.

Word is, the expansion is more due to fears of the winds picking up and shifting direction, than it is about new fires moving south and west.

Although the evacuations are west of the Highway 83 firebreak, there have been no actual fires reported west of there.


2:01PM: There have been some additions to the mandatory evacuation area in El Paso. Details to follow soon.

1:47PM: The Gazette is going all high-tech with this map. The red is the burn area, and the yellow dots are active fires as spotted by satellite.

Active Fires