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You Can't Handle the Truth

I think you'll see that my Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans go a long way towards eliminating any perception of free lunches. And wait until you see what we'll do to employer-based insurance over the next two years. We're very serious about this functional model of "pay more/get less." We may lose control of the Senate next fall, but I will maintain control of the regulatory apparatus through the end of 2016, which is where the real power now lies.

You and many Democrats secretly favor a single-payer system, so why didn't you run on a single-payer system? Why didn't John Kerry or Al Gore ? Wouldn't it be a patriotic act to put the idea in front of the American people even if they reject it? This at least would clear the air and let us proceed with sensible, limited reforms aimed at improving incentives.

I couldn't get single payer through Congress, even when it was dominated by members of my own party. However, by destroying the individual market and putting the regulatory squeeze on employer coverage, we're hoping to change that metric.

What? You think single payer will work in America?

I never said it would work. I said it was what I wanted.

Your feelings are hurt because the press is dwelling on those left worse off by ObamaCare, but the Affordable Care Act, in truth, makes care more affordable only for some and then only by shifting the cost to others. For society as a whole, health care will only consume a bigger share of national income—an additional $10 trillion in the next eight years, according to the Medicare actuary. The chances of health care becoming more affordable are nil and whether the act will even improve the health of the uninsured is doubtful. Your Federal Trade Commission exists to punish consumer fraud. Shouldn't you turn yourself in?

Don't be ridiculous, Holman. When the president does it, that means it is not illegal.