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Black Forest Fire Voluntary Evacuation Zone Established [UPDATED]

7:43PM: I should mention that the fires in Elbert County are also headed this way, and that the evacuation areas are just as close as the ones around the Black Forest Fire.


6:17PM: A bit of good news. The northern edge of the Voluntary Evacuation Area has been moved back south to North Gate. And clouds are rolling in and the temperature is dropping. The winds remain a problem, and an unpredictable one at that.

5:49PM: I'd forgotten about WunderMap, which lets you track fires via satellite. Useful as all get-out. Anyway, here are the actual fires instead of just the evacuation areas.

Fire Map

Casa Verde is up closer to I-25 and County Line Road, so the worst burns are still a good distance away. Well, a decent distance away. They're still close than the Waldo Canyon Fire got to us just this time last year.

5:20PM: All times Mountain for future reference. But how about some nice news:

"Steve Bartolin, President and Chief Executive Officer of The BroAdmoor, has advised the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance that the food that was to be served at tomorrow's State of the City Luncheon for 500 plus member investors and community leaders will be prepared and delivered to the first responders today or tomorrow. We are most grateful to Steve Bartolin and The BroAdmoor for this significant gesture of support for our first responders and those they are working so hard to protect. The State of the City Luncheon will be rescheduled and payments made will be applied to a subsequent luncheon at The BroAdmoor."