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Black Forest Fire Voluntary Evacuation Zone Established [UPDATED]

8:02AM: Have a better map of the evac areas now, complete with burn locations.

Thursday AM

Casa Verde is up closer to the little bedroom icon in the northwest, indicating Palmer Ridge High School. The school is still being used as an emergency shelter as far as I know, so for now our area is doing OK.

6:12AM: So this has happened more than a hundred times already, just in Black Forest. And as noted earlier, the Black Forest/El Paso County and Elbert County zones has merged at County Line Road. No word if County Line has been closed yet, so if we have to leave, we'll head east and away from the worst of the traffic.


Also, I will be blogging non-fire news all day, or as long as the internet holds out. But this post will remain at the top of the page for at least one more day.

5:56AM: They've expanded the mandatory evacuation areas yet again, with both Elbert and Black Forest closed in on County Line Road. We're still not in it, but this feels like the day we'll have to bug out. Everything is packed and ready.

Even Bigger

8:18PM: Just now, from the Gazette piece linked earlier:

Firefighters on scanner: It's looking good to the east and to the north. "That's some of the best news I've heard all day."

Bad as this is, so far it isn't nearly as bad as last year's Waldo Canyon Fire. Back then I wrote:

It was coming right at us, by way of the Air Force Academy and a series of firebreaks which Waldo had breached, one after the other.

Waldo, despite the oldtimey name, was one wicked fast wildfire. Unpredictable, too. Every time the fire crews jinked, it jerked. And the winds, which Waldo itself helped create, kept the firefighting aircraft grounded for hours at a stretch.

Firefighters last year swore up and down to a man and woman that they'd never seen anything like Waldo. They aren't saying that about Black Forest. I think we'll sleep OK here tonight.

8:14PM: The view from 30,000 feet.


Via Twitter.