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Black Forest Fire Voluntary Evacuation Zone Established [UPDATED]

12:55PM: The Denver Post is keeping track of all the homes listed as total losses. This map has 360 blue pins marking the ones listed so far.


12:12PM: Best map I've seen so far, courtesy of KKTV's Twitter feed. The colored areas are the evacuation zones, mandatory, voluntary, and precautionary. The grey sliver north of the western yellow zone, and just west of the central red zone is Casa Verde.

The white indicates the burn areas.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.09.14 PM

9:58PM: The Black Forest Fire is already the most damaging in Colorado history, and Sheriff Marketa was unwilling to comment on whether it was contained anywhere at all.

It's that bad.

9:18AM: The latest numbers from Sheriff Marketa. The man is earning his paycheck this week.


You can follow him here.

I'm watching his morning briefing right now on KKTV's livestream, and none of the evacuation areas have been expanded or had their status changed. He's saying the "dynamic" wind is going to be today's biggest threat.

Air Force, National Guard are out in force. Copters and planes flying nonstop. The response to Waldo Canyon last year was confused at first and slow to get going. This year they've worked the kinks out and the response has been exceptional.

Bless these guys and gals.