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The New Old Fascism?

Despite what the vile progs would have you believe, Evil Fascist Heavy Industry did not sweep Hitler into power. Nazism was largely a middle class phenomenon, with big business eventually coming along for the only ride in town.

So, yeah, I worry about what might happen to German domestic politics, if all of southern Europe is eventually yoked to the back of the German taxpayer. Merkel, an Ossie herself, ought to realize this.

And, no, I don't think Panzer divisions will be breaking out of the Ardennes on their way to occupying Paris -- as much farcical fun as that might be to watch on CNN.

But we are watching Merkel destroy her CDU party in a vain effort to save a doomed currency. The left-wing (lefter-wing?) SPD might be the beneficiary, but fringe parties could very well become Germany's new power brokers. And given that the SPD is no more likely to succeed at saving this fiction called "Europe," both major mainstream German parties could see major erosion in their support.

Then the German fringes would become less fringey, which didn't exactly work out very well for the Continent the last time around.