In Which We Travel from North Korea to Iran to the Senate Floor

The reason Paul was so inspiring is that it's been more than twenty years now since we've heard such a passionate, full-throated, unapologetic defense of American values and liberties. Paul revealed that he has Reagan's touch for expressing the philosophical, straight to the gut. Sunnily, happily, intelligently. There's a real hunger out there for that, which we saw live on Twitter at the #StandWithPaul hashtag. We see it today all over the news and opinion sites, and here on the blogs. I doubt we'll see much of it on the nightly news.

That was real greatness we saw yesterday, especially as Senators Ted Cruz, Ron Wyden, and Mike Lee joined Paul with gusto.

Someday the mullahs will fall. The Kim Dynasty will implode. Both will be quickly forgotten. But if we're smart, if we really understand what this country is, what it's supposed to be, and what needs to be done, then let us long remember Senator Rand Paul's filibuster.