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A Message to America's Youth from an American Youth

In part, this is turning Cloward-Piven against its creators. It's an effective way to destroy a government, it's just that the liberals always seem to forget that they're deeply entrenched in the government getting destroyed. However, while Cloward-Piven was designed to destroy capitalism, this strategy is designed to modify Cloward-Piven in a way that saves capitalism. Does any of this make it a betrayal of our principles? Of course not. This is a strategy, a tactic, regardless of whether it has been previously associated with a set of political beliefs. Most tactics aren't intrinsically good or bad, because they are a tool... they can be appropriated and modified for use in the name of good or bad causes. The ultimate goal is still a world where government is limited and human freedom is maximized, but for a finite period in the interim, we must take specific, strategic actions in order to realize it. The actions in question, incidentally, are not especially contradictory with conservative ideals. We want smaller government, so taking actions to weaken the established government is a perfectly logical step for us. You might say it ultimately renders more power into the hands of Uncle Sam, but remember that the purse strings will eventually make so much hash of any political power they may accrue from instability, and our major target is the purse strings.

This strategy, as I understand it, is known on the internet as the "Let it Burn" strategy, but I prefer to think of it as the "Genie Strategy", along the lines of the expression "be careful what you wish for". The takeaway is that we are not trying to leave the government in control, but to overburden the federal government financially, to sufficient degree that it is incapable of maintaining control. Furthermore, we hope to do this in a short, sharp time-frame, to maintain as much of our social and physical capital for the reconstruction of America as possible. And you may hold your own opinions on the matter, but I think that given the immense and probably soon-to-be-rising interest costs, massive debt, and a dog's breakfast of an entitlement system, we have a very good chance of victory on this front.