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A Message to America's Youth from an American Youth

But even if you disregard the destruction of the essentials of American culture, a longer time to the collapse has practical effects as well. The longer the Obama administration (and any administration like it) is left in control, the more the economy slips into mercantilism. Hence, the more our private sector will be worn down, the more businesses will be deliberately attacked because they donated to the "wrong" campaign, or be taken over a la GM. The more businesses will be started under the auspices of the federal government a la Soylandra, and the more that the limited number that survive will be beholden to the federal government. The longer businesses have to weather this economy, the more it eats into the money that they're holding in reserve, and hence, the more go bankrupt in the interim or else become so weakened they must also become beholden to the government.

But now we come to brass tacks. If we can precipitate collapse sooner rather than later, these effects of attrition will be curtailed and we will have the raw materials we need to rebuild, both socially and physically. They're counting on us helping to maintain society for a while longer so that things grind slowly to a halt, and we expend all of our most valuable resources on the way to the collapse. This is, in a sense, a poisoned pawn... it plays on our naturally rebellious tendencies as individualists and tries to tempt us into taking an obvious approach that constructs our own long-term demise. But we can take the action they have not accounted for... push events sharply the other direction and precipitate the collapse somewhere in the next few years rather than several decades from now. Hence, we go Galt/mini-Galt as circumstances allow, and stop feeding the government and the economy by refusing to create wealth. And along the same lines, we use any loophole or trick the system leaves available to bleed it even more. Max out your deductions, stopping inflow, and maximize the penalties you can inflict on government through any means available, increasing outflow.