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The Libertarian Case for Mitt Romney

We have a younger Obama on tape, saying that welfare recipients and "the working poor" are a "majority coalition." And don't fool yourself into thinking that by "welfare recipients" he just means the huddled masses getting their "Obama bucks" and food stamp billions and disability checks. Under Obama, Wall Street is a welfare queen, too. So is our banking system. Half our domestic auto industry is on the take, too. Obama has gutted work requirements for individual welfare recipients, and gutted the profit requirement for big business and big banking and big finance.

The masses won't give up their checks, and the crony capitalists won't suffer any competition. The squeeze is on, and you're in the middle of it. That's the Permanent Progressive Majority.

This squeeze fundamentally transforms what America means, and what it means to be an American -- from citizen to subject. It took a century to take us this far along the Progressive path to a Technocratic State of high-tech feudalism, but we're almost at the end of the line. Another four years is probably all that's needed to get there.

China currency manipulation, the Afghanistan surge, the civil war in Syria, the Drone War over the Middle East, gay marriage, the Life of Julia, the War on Women, Republicans want your father to take away your free birth control then impregnate you and force you to carry the child to term even if it kills you -- these are largely distractions. The only thing that matters in this election is stopping the Progressives from completing their task, and to give ourselves the breathing room necessary to enact real reforms.

So is Mitt Romney the man to save us?

Well… no.

But he can buy us time.