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The Lame Leading the Lame

The President is doing so well, Mark Halperin has produced a handy list of 11 items for him headlined, "The Way to Win By Mark Halperin." And under the headline is Mark Halperin's byline. Helpful, that.

Anyway, Mark Halperin encourages the president helpfully to "Ride the wave of identity politics," and to "Warm up the armies of Democratic lawyers." Oh, and let's not forget Mark Halperin's advice to "Suck it up and log the necessary hours to keep the campaign coffers filled."

Identity politics! Lawyers! Fundraising! These are the things to stir the passions of million of Americans in our hour of need.

Stirring stuff, yes?



And Mark Halperin wouldn't be offering up such cold porridge if he didn't understand that this is a President in deep electoral doo-doo.