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The Slick Genius of Slick Willie

In the space of less than a week, Clinton deftly undercut Obama on Bain, the economy, and taxes. All he has to do now is question the timing of the end of the Afghanistan surge or point out the billions taxpayers lost on GM, and then all Obama will have left is, "I killed bin Laden with my bare hands. Gutsy call, I know."

But what can Obama do? Call Clinton out? Ol' Billy Boy is still a team player, dutifully campaigning in Wisconsin where even Obama dared not tread. The president needs Clinton's fundraising prowess going into the fall, too. And then there's that little issue where Mrs. Clinton still serves as Obama's own secretary of state. Clinton is a thorn in Obama's side and there's no way to pluck him out.

Since I brought her up, let's speak a little more about Hillary. She says her days in politics are over, and I believe her. But that might not be the fate Bill has in mind for her. So, let's assume that Bill is setting up Hillary for another run at the White House in 2016. Would she make a better follow-up act to another failed Obama term? Or would she fare better against Romney, who could end up presiding over an economy not much better than Obama's?

Marital conspiracy theories aside, I think Clinton understands the damage Obama has done -- is doing -- to the Democrat brand. Another four years of this SCoaMF behind the Resolute desk, and it might be a generation before the Donks are trusted by the voters again with anything more complicated than a shoe horn.

Clinton is the master of irritating his enemies. It just so happens that right now Clinton's main enemy is Barack Obama. Romney could win the White House for the Republicans for four or eight years, sure. But Obama has already pissed away "the permanent Democratic majority." He's caused millions of voters to stop identifying themselves as Democrats. His hard-left policies have led to big Republican gains in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York and many other bedrock Democrat constituencies. There's no telling how much more damage Obama could do, given four more years. I was only half-joking back in 2009, when I called Obama "the Manchurian President." Even people on the Left agree.

Don't look for Obama's irritation to go away any time before November, because that's just Clinton doing what he thinks is best for his party. And don't forget to point and laugh every time that irritation flares up and turns red.