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Special Election Panic Attack

Anyhoo -- Obama is busy trying to rope back in one of his core constituencies, at the same time he's trying to sell a dubious nation on a "jobs" bill so unloved that even Senate Democrats can't stomach it. The Complicit Media is trying to spin that as a win, but the real spinner is the president. I'll explain that in just a moment.

You see, while all this is going on, the Solyndra scandal is gaining traction and Daily Kossacks are starting to call on Obama to pull an LBJ and withdraw from the race next year. The MSM will do what it can to palliate the effects of Solyndra, and nothing will come of Progressive fantasies of replacing Obama with... I dunno, the ghost of Lenin or whatever. But they're still more things that will suck up Obama's time, energy, and money.

The president is one of those plate-spinner guys. And more plates keep appearing for him to keep up in the air. And the economy has one hand tied behind his back. Eventually, the whole mess comes crashing down -- and the NY09 election yesterday might just have been the first broken plate.