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The Obama Dilemma

Generic Tour of Friendly Western European Capitals to Look Presidential While Whooping it Up With Foreign Dignitaries:


Peggy Noonan last year opined that "the president is starting to look snakebit." If he is, it's because Obama spent the first half of his first term ignoring Americans' number one concern -- jobs -- while squandering America's prestige overseas so thoroughly it begins to appear to be an almost dedicated effort.

His one big win -- nailing bin Laden -- certainly made us all feel very good, and helps to put the squeeze on al Qaeda. But bin Laden is yesterday's enemy, as semi-affiliated terror groups spread to places like Somalia, Yemen, and maybe eventually Egypt.

Obama's endless personal gaffes overseas -- the bowing and scraping and toasts to the orchestras -- might not make the news much here, but you can bet they're laughing mighty hard in Paris and Moscow and Beijing and… everywhere else.

Foreign policy might be the last refuge of the scoundrel president, but he won't find much comfort there.