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The Gang That Could Shoot Straight — But Not Much Else

Look at the famous Situation Room picture again.

The president's eyes appear steely, but his posture is all wrong -- huddled into his chest, seemingly filled with doubt. He looks like the smallest person in the room, and I don't necessarily mean physically. I'm sure other pictures from that night are much more flattering, but this is the "iconic" one the White House chose to represent the president at his decisive best. Doesn't anyone there have a clue how the president looks here, once the euphoria has faded?

The example the David Axelrod must be thinking of right now is President George H.W. Bush, who enjoyed 90% approval following the Gulf War -- and then went down to electoral defeat less than two years later. People didn't much care for Bush's broken tax promises or his handling of the sharp Recession of 1991-'92. That example just might be keeping him up at night, back home in Chicago. Judging from the incoherent Administration efforts post-Bin Laden, no one in the White House is losing any sleep.

They ought to be.[gallery]

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