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An Open Letter to Mr. Daily Kos

Your folks worry that too little deficit spending could impact their nine-months-a-year jobs, cushy pay, subsidized health insurance, and generous retirement plans -- which the rest of us pay for.

The Tea Party elected more than 80 freshmen Republicans to Congress.

The Democrat Party fled across the state line to Scottish Hooters.

The Tea Party is doing what it can to hold our elected officials accountable to their election promises.

Your people are doing their best to intimidate our elected officials into pretending last November never happened.

Tea Partyers say "don't tread on me."

Your friends say "don't tread on D.C." Charming, that.

Anyway, yes, I suppose now is your time in the sun. It's been quite the education for the country at large, I think. So here's to hoping you're enjoying your turn -- you've certainly earned it.

— Your friendly neighborhood VodkaPundit.