An Uncomfortable Position

It's at this point that rational actors would take a look at where the country is, where it's heading, and what their policies were supposed to accomplish, then change those policies accordingly. I've already offered the Democrats my "Five By Five" plan free of charge, and they could use it to mop the floor with the GOP in November.

But we're talking about Democrats here, who castigated the old Spendthrift Republican Congress for its shameful ways back when they were in the minority. But then the Democrats assumed power themselves and immediately doubled, tripled, quadrupled down on stupid.

Yet somehow, they're shocked -- shocked! -- that after being elected to restore some fiscal sanity, the American people weren't much pleased when the Democrats instead stripped down and opened endless cases of baby oil for the biggest spending orgy in human history. (Maybe somewhere there's an alien race that's done worse, but I suspect they're extinct by now.)

Now the blame-gaming begins and the inevitable panic has set in, because Nancy Pelosi can read a poll just as well as Robert Gibbs can. The only mistake Gibbs made was to say in public what every Democrat must now fear in private. And here's another thing to keep in mind: White House flacks never admit that something bad is even remotely possible until it's almost certainly inevitable.

So stick that in your gavel and sit on it, Nancy.