Handicapping the House — Weekend Brief

Did I mention all this took place in just four days?

If the Democrats still have a cash advantage, it's gone. Oh, they and their union pals could have a trillion dollars (hey -- they almost defrauded us out of that many already!), but there seems to be something going on to Democratic support that I can describe only as "catastrophic."

Four more Likely Democratic wins have been downgraded to Leans. And six more Safe seats -- the bedrock wins any party counts on to stay even remotely in the game -- six of those seats have moved right one spot. That's why you see Beloved Bill Clinton campaigning for Barney Frank and Loretta Sanchez -- who should both be shoo-ins. Meanwhile, Toxic Avenger Obama isn't doing much, if anything, for congressional Democrats. Obama got his party into this fix, and not even Clinton's still-considerable charms can get them out.

Long story short: There are now 107 seats at risk; 99 of them belong to Democrats.