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Must-Tan Radio

I'm roasting on the beach. You, on the other hand, should tune in to the all-new edition of PJM Political. On the big show:

Five Questions for James Lileks.

Reut Cohen, host of PJTV.com’s daily Sharia and Jihad Review, talks with James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation on the role that Twitter is playing during the turmoil in Iran.

Radio talker, author, blogger and PJTV.com host Hugh Hewitt on the role that the rest of the Blogosphere and broadcast media is playing in disseminating information about Iran.

Pajamas Media’s DC editor Jennifer Rubin interviews Marlo Lewis Jr., senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and DC-area auto dealer Geoffrey Pohanka on “Government Motors” and the future of the American auto industry.

Novelist/screenwriter/ PJ Express blogger Andrew Klavan on the “Bumper Sticker Police.”

I'm really loving doing the Five Question for Lileks segment, and I'm only half kidding when I call it the toughest five minutes in radio. Going in, Lileks has no idea what I'll ask him, and the questions can be about absolutely anything. The kicker? There's no editing. What you hear is what Lileks got on the first take -- and it's all pretty good.

Plus, Ed Driscoll and I dissect the Iranian protests, explain why Obamacare is a lot like Bush's Social Security reform (remember that?), and try to figure out how to fit Howard Stern in your iPhone.

Check it out.