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The Big Lie From the Big O

President Obama keeps promising to go "line by line" through the budget nobody can read, in order to "cut the deficit in half" no later than the year 2525 or whenever. But look at this chart (courtesy in the general direction of Glenn Reynolds):

If you're brain-dead enough to accept the President's rosy scenario, his best year still has 25% more red ink than President Bush's worst year. And keep in mind that -- again, by Obama's own spendthrift reckoning -- Obama's best year assumes 3% growth, while Bush's worst year suffered a 2% or greater contraction.

In other words, as bad as Bush was (and he was pretty goddamn godawful), Obama can't keep it zipped, not even when no one else is in the room.

Then there are the numbers provided above by the CBO. The CBO is typically a lot better at forecasting than the fortune tellers employed by the White House (any administration, Democrat or Republican). If we go by the CBO numbers... then just go on have have seventeen more babies, because the future is going to need a lot more taxpayers to pay for the thriftless triumvirate of Obama, Pelosi & Reid.