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Bomb'em All Out

Bad news for hopey-changey peaceniks, good news for the civilized world:

In what would be a major escalation of the "war on terror", the New York Times reported that the US may push its firepower into Pakistan's vast, economically backward, Baluchistan province.

Washington has so far targeted militants based in Pakistan's semi-autonomous tribal areas, which run along Afghanistan's eastern border. Baluchistan, however, is a "settled" region and considered a regular part of the country. However, the province, and especially its capital, Quetta, has long been considered the home of the Afghan Taliban and an important sanctuary for al-Qaida.

Now that Islamabad has pretty much given up any pretense of governing anything much outside of, well, Islamabad (and that only in daylight), we've gained the freedom of action to pursue the Taliban/al Qaeda pretty much anywhere. I'm glad to see President Obama taking advantage.