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We must be losing in Iraq:

The Taliban has attracted additional money, and suicide bombers, from Arabia. Two years ago, most of this support shifted to Iraq, where al Qaeda believed it had a better chance of winning some kind of victory. But too many Arab terrorist resources in Iraq produced nothing, and Iraqis have become very hostile to al Qaeda as a result of all the Iraqis killed by terrorist attacks. So now, efforts are shifting to Afghanistan. However, this is also a hostile environment for Arab terrorists.

al Qaeda must've gotten a hold of that DNC talking point claiming that Iraq was a distraction from Afghanistan, and thought it was meant for them. Either way, the Big Q has been forced to fight us Over There - which, if you ask me, is a fine way to fight our wars.

Hat tip to the California Yankee, who puts this story in context:

Almost two years ago, Newsweek published this article claiming that al-Qaeda was diverting a fighters from Afghanistan to Iraq. The article also claims that al-Qaeda decided to "reorganize the distribution of funding" reducing monthly payments to the Afghan resistance from $3 million to $1.5 million.

Hmm. I wonder why Newsweek isn't giving this more play.