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And They Want the Burger

And They Want the Burger King to Abdicate in Favor of a Semi-Autonomous Collective

You simply must read Dreher's column today on the "protestors" in New York, if only for this line: "If Genoa, Seattle, and Melbourne are any guide, urban terrorists gathering in New York this week are going to burn khakis, upend four-dollar frappucinos, and assassinate Mayor McCheese."

Back to Monty Python for a moment, if we may. These anti-globalization barbarians remind me of John Cleese in the Argument Sketch. Remember it? No matter what Eric Idle says, Cleese just replies, "No it isn't." Well, except when Idle says "No it isn't," and Cleese says "Yes it is."

Same with the anti-everything barbarians currently camping out in NYC. Show them anything truly progressive (as in PROGRESS) or beneficial or promoting freedom or commerce -- and they automatically gainsay it without a thought.

More on this later. I feel I'm developing a new theme. So now I'm actually going to have to put on my thinking cap. Which, like the Grinch's heart, is two sizes too small.