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Yeah, Hollywood Knew About Harvey Weinstein for Years...

Many Hollywood-ites feigned shock when we learned of Harvey Weinstein's sexual inappropriateness. Whether it was because he's a major liberal donor or because certain celebs still wanted to work with him, the story was going to be published in several news publications and was quashed. But it seems to have been a major open secret nonetheless...

Jokes were scripted into 30 Rock episodes, quips were told by comedians, Gwyneth Paltrow talked about how Weinstein had "coerced" her, and female stars recommended that up-and-comers not agree to attend private parties in Weinstein's hotel room. It really begs the question -- if all these people knew, let alone all the people that suffered his sexual assaults, why didn't they do anything?!? And does this silence create mass culpability?