Jack Black Compares President Trump to Charlie Sheen 'On Crack'

The celebrity hand-wringing over the election of Donald Trump continues. During a cast interview promoting his new film The Polka King, actor Jack Black opined on the new president. From Variety:

“We’ve got to start thinking globally. We’re going to be working together, if we’re going to survive, if the human race, if this species is going to survive,” Black said. “Yeah, America first is fine, in terms of finances, but we’ve got to stop thinking that way. It’s not a Monopoly game where the rich billionaire wins the game. It’s about the world working together, and it’s got to happen soon.”

Then [co-star Willie] Garson chimed into the “winning” conversation. “This whole concept of winning, what do you mean winning? At the expense of what? Winning, implied, is someone losing…this is insanity,” he said.

“Who else has been talking about winning obsessively lately?” Black quipped. “Oh yeah. Charlie Sheen. When he was on crack.”

It’s unclear what Black and Garson were even talking about. The human race has to work together to survive? What does that even mean? Is America the only country seeking to further its own interests? Is Donald Trump the first president to put America first?

The problem with the kumbaya paradigm is that it requires everyone to be on the same page. If we lived in a world where everyone shared the same values, it might be possible to forgo “winning” in favor of “working together.” But that’s not the world we live in by any measure.