Film Director Raising Money to Kill Margaret Thatcher

The premise of 2012’s Iron Sky was enough to warrant a view. It imagines that Nazis escaped to the dark side of the moon at the end of World War II, and have been plotting a new invasion ever since. Absurd, but promising, the premise attracted crowdfunding which enabled production and distribution.

Now director Timo Vuorensola is in post-production of a sequel, Iron Sky: The Coming Race. It amps up the cheese factor, taking us into the center of the earth to encounter an insurgent reptilian species that has infiltrated surface politics. Among these is reptilian Margaret Thatcher, whose cohort includes reptilian versions of Sarah Palin, Kim Jong-un, the pope, and Hitler among others.

Vuorensola had scripted a scene wherein the reptilian Thatcher dies a grizzly death, but lacks the funds to complete the special effects. He’s returning to crowdfunding to make up the difference. So, if you’re so inclined, you can donate money to kill Margaret Thatcher.

We might say something here about taste. But consider the source.