Samantha Bee Goes Bonkers Over Orlando

In a rant characteristic of the left-wing gun-grabbing reaction to the Orlando nightclub shooting, late-night comic Samantha Bee here advocates for blanket tyranny. Some of the highlights include:

0:52 – Bee posits that “it seems like the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is another bad guy who coincidentally came to shoot up the same place.” That’s true only if you prevent good guys from carrying guys. So maybe don’t?

1:02 – Bee lists several red flags which ought to have raised concern regarding the shooter’s fitness to purchase and own a gun. But instead of advocating for revocation of rights through due process, she endorses a blanket ban for everyone.

1:45 – President Obama suggests that visiting an ISIS website ought to be sufficient cause, in and of itself, to strip individuals of their rights. Again, where’s the due process?

2:35 – Bee sarcastically suggests that “it’s a lot easier to just accept that going to a public place carries a none-zero risk of dying in a hail of bullets” than to address nuanced concerns about the preservation of essential freedoms. Yes, Samantha, life comes with none-zero risk. It always will, no matter what laws you pass.

3:40 – Bee suggests that the ratification of the Second Amendment “really f—ed us.”

3:55 – Bee confesses to a desire to “take your guns away.”

4:38 – Bee calls on public officials and lawmakers to literally, “Stop thinking and do something…” Sounds responsible.

5:29 – Bee promotes the nonsensical notion that public policy can ensure “this never happens again.” Laws don’t stop bad things from happening.