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Wait, Now 'S.O.B.' Is Code for the N-Word?!?

Continuing to assert that President Trump's objection to the kneeling NFL protests is about race rather than about his perception that they are disrespecting the flag, the media is calling on supposed experts to condemn him as racist. One of these critics is Cornell Brooks, the former president of the NAACP. He went on CNN, with Wolf Blitzer, and claimed that even Trump's language was a dog-whistle for racists. Trump used the term "son of a b**ch" to refer to the protesters -- and Brooks didn't like that. He said that "'son of the b-word' it is racial code for the n-word across America." So, even one of America's oldest colloquial insults, for people of all ethnicities, is racially motivated now?!? Add "S.O.B" to the list of things you can't say in PC-land.

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